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Carolyn Esposito

President, Talent Pathways, Inc.

I'm Carolyn Esposito and I founded Talent Pathways based on my passion to help people and organizations tap into their deepest potential and find a new and more promising path to their goals.

I believe

This is a unique moment in time – one in which the critical competencies of engaging fully and adapting to change will distinguish successful organizations and individuals.

To do so doesn’t require a complete metamorphosis. It does require:

  • A vision and goal for the future
  • An understanding of where you stand today
  • A strategy for action
  • Clear, objective insight into what might get in the way

Armed with such insight, organizations and individuals will be better-prepared to perform at higher levels, by:

  • Aligning with their values
  • Building on their strengths
  • Adapting their behaviors and
  • Testing out new possibilities on the path to achieving business and personal goals.

Embracing change alone can be daunting. Engaging on this path with an experienced consultant and certified coach can be inspiring!

Let Talent Pathways be your partner in change.


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Carolyn Esposito is an accomplished leader, consultant and certified executive coach with significant business experience leading Learning, Performance, and Change Management initiatives. Read full bio>

  • Certified in Executive and Organizational Coaching through Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program (C3P), a strategic alliance between Columbia Business School and Teacher's College

  • Access to Columbia’s Coaching Center of Excellence and the C3P Alumni Association, through which we can leverage research, continuing education, and a network of certified coaches and business consultants

  • Certified to use and interpret Hogan Personality Assessments to strengthen selection, leadership development, succession planning and talent development processes. Over 1,500 companies, worldwide, have used Hogan personality instruments.

  • Certified to use and interpret Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to support the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. MBTI personality inventories have been used by millions of people in over 100 countries.

  • Coach Member, International Coach Federation (ICF)