Performance  through People


Everyone needs someone in their corner  a trusted partner, who can help you see yourself and your circumstances more clearly and in a new light – an advocate and collaborator, who can listen, question, and share insights to help you close the gap between where you stand now and the goal or opportunity that you see on the horizon.


Whether you are an executive leading through change, a business owner working to gain a competitive advantage, a leader directing a team, or an individual motivated by the desire to be more effective – a coach can help you work through changes, challenges, and opportunities in your business, career, and in life.

  • In organizations, coaching can enhance the performance of valued leaders and high-potential talent who may, in turn, impact the performance of the larger organization.

  • For individuals, coaching can facilitate changes, transitions, and decisions that impact people's ability to act effectively and achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

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What Clients Say

"Without a doubt, I would not be where I am today had I not received professional coaching from Carolyn. During the course of our work, she helped me realize, for myself, what was wrong and how I could fix it.  Between 360 feedback interviews, personal value assessments, and development planning, we were able to clearly define the "current reality" and create a long-term plan for me to achieve the "desired reality".  She did not feed me for a year and leave me hungry; rather, she taught me how to feed myself so that I never have to be hungry again.

Only 18 months after the day we officially began working together, I am in a new job, at a higher level, making a better salary, and I have many more opportunities for professional growth.   Now the "current reality" is far better than the "desired reality" was over a year ago and... I am HAPPY."

Kathleen S. Tuohy
Director, Compliance Policies and Procedures
Morgan Stanley