Performance  through People

Our Coaching Process

Coaching is about getting to the results that matter.

In our three-phased coaching process, coach and client work toward the outcomes of focus, alignment and performance.

Our coaching relationships are based on trust and collaboration between coach and clients. Through a series of conversations, a coach listens, asks questions, shares feedback, and provides both challenge and support, as clients work to achieve their performance goals.

Coaching Process

Phase 1
  • Learn about one another

  • Verify coach-client fit

  • Explore coaching opportunity

  • Clarify personal and organizational priorities

  • Understand personal history, values and motivations

  • Clarify expectations and parameters of the coaching engagement

  • Agree on coaching agenda



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Phase 2
OUTCOME – Alignment
  • Attend to emergent goals

  • Build awareness through observations and feedback

  • Examine patterns and disparities; interpret experiences and hunches

  • Integrate insights

  • Explore options/possibilities; define a performance focus

  • Identify priorities, goals and critical success factors

  • Establish an action plan


Phase 3
OUTCOME – Performance
  • Engage in action strategies (pilots/reflection-on-action)

  • Integrate self-appraisal with other observations and feedback

  • Translate insights into commitments

  • Focus on adapting to change

  • Pursue opportunities for self-renewal, e.g., work-life balance

  • Celebrate successes

  • Recognize capabilities for continued growth

  • Develop ongoing success strategies