Performance  through People

Our Consulting Process

We collaborate with business leaders to identify performance strengths and gaps. We design strategies and tools that help them forge a path to their goals.

Step 1 –   We Align on Your Vision and Goals

We work with you to understand your vision, culture and strategy. We clarify what is changing in your environment, what is working well, and what is getting in the way of success.

Where appropriate, we engage with key talent to identify the behaviors and practices underlying their successes and performance gaps.

The outcome of this step is to determine the best opportunities to improve overall performance.

Step 2 –  We Design a Plan Tailored to Your Needs

We help you design a blueprint for large-scale projects so that your team is focused and key stakeholders stay informed, have a voice, and contribute most meaningfully, from beginning to end.

The outcome of this step is a collaborative plan that includes a statement of outcomes, objectives, execution strategies, milestones, and success measures.

Step 3 –  We Deliver Performance Solutions 

We design, develop, and deliver the performance solutions that fit your needs, including:

  • Programs or tools to support strategy, change management or cultural alignment initiatives
  • Executive, leadership, or high-potential coaching
  • Team or peer coaching
  • Selection and on-boarding processes
  • Development programs
  • Process maps
  • Curriculum design

The outcome of this step will vary, based on the needs of each client and project.

Step 4 –  We Identify Ways to Sustain Results 

We offer guidance on the most effective ways to track and measure performance to ensure that results are sustainable over time.

The outcome of this step is a review of the entire engagement, from alignment through to completion, including agreement on the leading and lagging indicators of performance improvements that your organization can measure.